Alleviate Scoliosis Pain with Schroth Method Exercises

Scoliosis, do you know that in the US, about to two to three percent (five to seven million) of the population are affected by this condition and the curve will worsen in about 10% of them. Scoliosis is a musculoskeletal disease wherein the lateral curvature of the spine forms a letter “S” or “C” instead of a straight line. The common signs and symptoms of the said condition include uneven shoulders, uneven waist, and uneven rib cage.

If you’re affected by scoliosis, you should immediately address this because failure to do so may lead to more serious conditions that may include lung and heart damage that may cause extreme fatigue, breathing difficulties, and chronic pain. The good news is you can alleviate these health manifestations with braces that are usually worn day and night, surgery, medicines such as ibuprofen and aspirin, and conservative therapy workouts like Schroth method exercises.

The last one is what this write up is all about and we’re going to talk about its benefits and some simple posture and movement exercises that may help in the treatment of scoliosis. Schroth method exercises are basically exercises for thoracic scoliosis that focuses on correcting spinal rotation, increasing lung capacity with the utilization of rational breathing techniques, restoring normal spinal position through pelvic corrections, stabilizing contractions, and improving posture.

If you’re affected by the said condition and you want to be somehow acquainted with the said approach, then you can check out the succeeding paragraphs. It contains a quick background of the said approach and explains some of the basic exercises.

Schroth breathing

Proper breathing plays a key role in scoliosis exercises this is because as mentioned earlier, scoliosis causes uneven ribs and this in turn, hinders breathing. Putting this factor into consideration, it is important to widen and lengthen the rib area to boost lung capacity, toughen the surrounding muscles, fill the concave side, prompt the twisted vertebrate to return to original (proper) position, reverse inappropriate pelvic position, elongate the spine, etc.

Schroth pelvis movement

Spinal deterioration may develop if the pelvic area remains tilted, rotated, or misaligned. For this reason, it is important to pull the pelvis back in line through Schroth pelvis movement exercise.

First, put a horizontal wall bar, which is at door-top height against a wall. If you’re not familiar with a wall bar, it is basically a bar, which is pretty much similar to an upright ladder, the only difference is it is attached to a wall.

Back to the exercise, to perform, stand with your side against the wall and slowly lift your arm overhead and hold onto the bar. Make sure to keep your other hand free in the process. Breath deeply and carefully rotate your pelvis and spinal column in the opposite side of your curvature. Try to hold this position for eight to 10 seconds and gradually release your grip from the bar and then return to step one, which is the standing position. Relax for 30 seconds and repeat five times.

Schroth Bench Tilt

Schroth Bench Tilt is an exercise that somehow extends the spine and the neck. To perform, stand with your side perpendicular to bench; makes sure that you feet are shoulder width apart. Hold onto the bench and slowly tilt your body to the other side, gently bending your elbow are you bring your weight between your leg and arm. Afterwards, lift your opposite foot from the ground and then point your toe upward.

Slowly lift your arm out to the side and then slowly bring it the shoulder area. Rotate your arm and then direct your palm upward. Place your body weight on your left arm and then slowly straighten your elbow and at the same time raise your opposite shoulder. Gently tilt your neck in the process and hold the position for about eight to 10 seconds and then return to step one, which is the standing position. Relax for 30 seconds and then repeat this exercise for three times and gradually increase the exercise to five times.

Summing up

Those are only some of the basic Schroth method exercises for individuals who are affected by scoliosis. If you’re affected yourself, you should first consult with your health professional or a before engaging in them Schroth method professional. Remember, while the step-by-step guide above is properly explained nothing beats the guidance of a professional that has undergone expert training. Also, bear in mind performing the wrong workout procedures can do more harm than good.

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