Back Pain? You May Have Trapped Nerve in Back Area

Are you suffering back pain? Well, you’re not alone because according to studies, one in 10 people all over the world suffer from an aching back. This particular condition can be excruciating at times and may prevent you engaging in your daily routines. Trapped or pinched nerve occurs when surrounding tissues like cartilages, bones, tendons, or muscles get abnormally pressed against a nerve. The good news is all is not lost if you’re hit with the back pain bug because you can address it and regain your healthy self with a little help from a medical professional. Read on and find out how.

Pinched nerve in back tip 1: Pinpoint the cause

A trapped or pinched nerve in the back can be caused by a number of circumstances that may include arthritis, herniated disks, normal aging, bone spurs, poor posture, repetitive motions, sports injuries, and obesity, to name a few. The said condition can lead to inflammation, which in turn can constrict your nerve and consequently lead to pain and discomfort.

Pinched nerve in back tip 2: Monitor the symptoms

In many cases, a pinched nerve in the back area means that there is an obstruction on the body’s wiring system. Some of the most common symptoms include minor swelling, burning sensation, muscle weakness, and tingling pain.

By pinpointing the cause and monitoring the symptoms, you–with the help of your doctor–can determine if your pinched nerve is reversible or otherwise.

Pinched nerve in back tip 3: Visit your doctor

Visit your doctor and avoid self-medicating because the latter may do more harm than good. Bear in mind that it would be best to invest money on medical check ups than risk developing a more serious condition. Afterwards, he or she will check your condition and instruct you to have a massage, perform yoga poses, and take medication.

Pinched nerve in back tip 4: Follow your doctor’s instructions

Religiously follow your doctor’s instructions because not doing so may prevent you from regaining your tip top condition. If he/she instructs you to get massages, make sure that they will be performed by a trained professional, if he/she instructs you to perform regular yoga back pain poses, make sure that you’ll enroll in a class that is handled by a licensed yogi (yoga instructor), and if he/she prescribes medication, make sure to follow dosage guidelines.


It should be noted that back pain, particularly that which is caused by trapped or pinched nerve can be relieved with the right approach. As mentioned earlier, you should refrain from self-medicating because this may do more harm than good and you might end up spending more than less. So, visit your doctor if you experience back pain for extended periods to make sure that it won’t elevate into something more serious.

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