Exercises for Better Balance for Seniors

Getting old is a little something that many of us dread and its onset can never be stopped no matter how hard we try because father time is an undefeated entity and the finest athletes, the richest business mogul, or the fittest individual alive cannot escape its detrimental effects.

If you’re in your senior year, you’ve lost your balance due to old age, slowed reflexes and coordination, diminished eyesight, etc., don’t despair because this can be addressed by engaging in balance exercises for seniors. What do they include? You ask. Well rest assured that they do not include running or yoga, even beginner poses because your frail body may not allow you to perform the mentioned activities. These balance exercises include body weight shifts, chair-assisted on leg stand, tightrope walk, and other exercises to improve balance and stability.

Body weight shifts

Stand still with feet aligned with your hip and equally distribute the weight on your two legs. Next, shift your body weight from one side to the other side and hold the position up to 20 seconds. Return to step one and repeat on the other side. Try to perform three sets of eight and then try to increase to three sets of 10.

Chair-assisted one leg stand

This is fairly simple. Stand on the back of the chair and ten stand on leg for 10 to 15 seconds and then perform it on your other leg. Remember to maintain good posture throughout your workout and make sure that your shoulders, head, and back are straight, and your ears are aligned to your shoulders.

Tightrope walk

This body balance exercise mimics a tightrope walker doing his/her act. To perform, just hold your arms straight out from your sides and make sure that they are parallel to the ground. With your arms positioned as explained above, try to walk in a straight line, for added challenge, hold for two seconds every time you lift you back leg. Try to perform three sets of 15 to 20 steps. Also, during your workout routine, make sure to keep your head, back, and shoulders straight.


These are only some of the workouts that you can perform to improve your balance. Remember to be patient when doing them because just like ordinary workouts, they are not quick fixes and improvements may be felt after a couple of weeks of regular training. Take note also that these exercises are not only good for your body, it is also good for your mind, mood, and confidence levels.



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