Insanity Workout: Who Is It For?

Are you looking to shed some extra pounds but not too sold on the idea of getting in and out of the gym? Do you want to get in shape but cannot consistently commit yourself to any regular outdoor activity? Well, as long as you’re determined and has an hour or so to spare, then the Insanity Workout Program might just be the right kind of extra kick that you’re looking for in order to get yourself in a better shape than you’ve ever been over the last few years.

The insanity workout is still a fairly new concept for a lot of people, even at this stage. But that’s not really a knack on the program. In fact, over the past few years the workout has essentially exploded into the health and fitness scene through DVD’s, online videos, etc. Its concept roughly began in the early part of 2000’s, just when health issues and obesity is starting to become a global concern. The launch of the 90-day fitness program P90x by Tony Horton gave everyone a smart and practical alternative to gym memberships and liposuction, which was also becoming a big hit to those who can afford it or may have deemed it essential.

In 2011, the popularity of the workout was taken to a higher level and given new life when Beach Body and Shaun Thompson introduced the 60-day Insanity program. The success of the Insanity has led to its mainstream popularity that’s been mostly powered by today’s digital age. In turn, this allowed the program to reach a bigger and brighter audience.

Though, amidst its success, some of my friends and many others still can’t help but wonder, “Can I do it?”

The answer is almost certainly yes, as long as you can convince yourself to commit to Insanity Workout and show the discipline that’s essential in order for the program to succeed. The other factors like: your body mass, schedule, and location are some of the minor concerns which you can easily sort out thanks to the flexibility of the program.

For starters, it doesn’t really require you to hit the gym or get out. But don’t start thinking that you’ll just do everything in your comfort zone, because the program is separated by levels which will eventually bring out the best in you, in more ways than you ever imagined. It should suit your schedule nicely as well, since the variety of Insanity workouts out there offers different routines and lengths so that you don’t miss out completely on your daily grind. However, if you want to get the best out of it, the 45-minute to 60-minute routines should be your primary target if your schedule allows it.

Lastly, don’t let your current physical limitations discourage you onset, because there are a lot of ways to complete a cycle and you may customize it according to your progress. The Insanity Workout is an incredible way to motivate yourself to achieve optimum health and fitness at your own pace, and it’s grown to becoming just an alternative, into something that can be considered as part of our lifestyle.

Elroy Pamac is a crazy guy who does crazy things. He’s a passionate person who’s into ultramarathons, marathons, and martial arts. He believes that the best things in life are not achieved in comfort zones that is why he continues to test himself and by doing so, he grows. In addition to this, he lives a healthy lifestyle and is committed to achieve a higher level of physical fitness. Now, Elroy brings you intriguing write ups, articles, and blog posts about physical fitness, healthy eating, and everything in between.