Shoulder Squeaker: Body Weight Broad Shoulders Workouts that Guarantee Results

Ripped abs and shredded biceps are great eye-catchers if you’re at the beach and you got your shirt off, but they won’t turn heads when your on your casual clothes. On the other hand, broad shoulders can bolster your appearance even if you’re wearing the chunkiest overcoats. After all, women love to gaze at men with broad shoulders. Some of the best workouts that trigger the development of the the said body part are bodyweight exercises.

Compared to free weight and equipment-assisted workouts, these exercises are safer since you can reduce the occurrence of injuries. This is because with free weight and equipment-assisted workouts, you can develop injuries when your form is sloppy. This is essential because the shoulder joints are injury prone because of their instability. Without further ado, here are simple exercises that can help you get broad shoulders in no time, given that you’ll religiously perform them and pay attention to form.

Broad shoulders workout 1: Pull-ups

To perform, place your hands on a bar shoulder width apart with your legs hanging loosely together. Pull yourself upwards and try to level your chin on the bar. After achieving this position, slowly lower yourself till your arms become straight without over extending them. Do this carefully and avoid putting unnecessary tension on your arms. Try to perform 5 repetitions of 3 sets and gradually increase number of repetitions and sets if you feel that the workout has become too easy. Also, take note that in addition to broadening your shoulders, pull ups can also strengthen your arms and fingers.

Broad shoulders workout 2: Decline push ups

To perform, go to a standard push up position, but this time, elevate your feet by placing it on a chair or a box. Make sure to keep your body straight, abstain from sagging and sticking your butt up. Inhale and then slowly lower your upper body until your chest is about an inch or to from the ground. Exhale while you push up. Perform 12 to 15 repetitions of 3 sets and increase the number of repetitions and sets if you feel that the workout has become too easy. As you can see decline push ups is a chest workout routine it is also a great workout for the shoulders and arms.

Broad shoulders workout 3: Side plank deltoid raise

To perform, go to the side plank position and put the weight on one of your arms. Now, rotate one of your arms up until your body resembles a big letter “T.” Rotate back, but avoid resting your arm on the ground and rotate back to side planks and perform 10 repetitions of 3 sets. Again,  increase the number of repetitions and sets if you feel that the workout has become too easy. Alternatively, you can place weight on one of your arms when performing this workout.


These are some of the best shoulder building exercises that can help you achieve the broad shoulders that you’ve always wanted. To make the most of them, pay attention to form and posture because this simple action can ensure that the right amount of tension that will trigger muscle development will be achieved. By performing them religiously and taking note of the precautionary measures, you’ll look better with or without your shirt.

So good luck performing them and remember, don’t just train hard, train smart!

Elroy Pamac is a crazy guy who does crazy things. He’s a passionate person who’s into ultramarathons, marathons, and martial arts. He believes that the best things in life are not achieved in comfort zones that is why he continues to test himself and by doing so, he grows. In addition to this, he lives a healthy lifestyle and is committed to achieve a higher level of physical fitness. Now, Elroy brings you intriguing write ups, articles, and blog posts about physical fitness, healthy eating, and everything in between.